Impacting Education for Jesus



Pastor Tom was given a word in May 1984 about the end time Church which he has written in full in his book "The Worshipping You." Here are exerts about children from this powerful word.

“Get ready for a new wave of worship from children whose understanding of the things of God will overtake many who are unprepared. Godly children will separate themselves to praise and worship their Heavenly Father. They will follow those who not only teach worship but practice it as well. These children will go forth as a worshipping army that will astound even their teachers. Don’t ever discourage their worship or stop the flow. Encourage them as they stand before God and worship Him.

As the Holy Spirit moves upon the children they will have intimate times with God in His presence that will astound their parents. They will have a revelation of God as a Father, impressed on them by the Holy Spirit. (See John 4:23 -24) Children touched by God in this way will start to separate themselves to worship and prayer at home and at school. At home, children will experience God intimately as they spend time in His Word, prayer and praise. There will be no explanation for this except that it is a divine visitation from the Lord.

Christian schools will experience a revival that will be way beyond our wildest imaginations. Praise and prayer meetings will take place continuously not only with the children but also the teachers and parents. Despite the efforts of some critics within the Church to stop this movement in the name of ‘education’, the children will maintain their grades, and more importantly, experience changed hearts. Out of this will come a generation of leaders who will occupy positions in almost every field of endeavour, in both the church and the world. They will have Godly wisdom that will be acknowledged throughout the entire earth.

With secular schools also experiencing revival, even the critics of the movement will not be able to deny that something supernatural is taking place. Children will arrange prayer and praise meetings before school, during recess, and after school. Many children will be powerful witnesses for Christ, and great evangelistic crusades will take place on the sports field with children sharing testimonies to the goodness of God. Entire schools will be converted to Christ in a few days.

During recess, inquisitive unsaved teachers will attend prayer and praise meetings held by the children and will be convicted and saved under the anointing that flows from the presence of the Holy Spirit. Many schools will experience the presence of the Holy Spirit at assembly times and to the amazement of everyone, children will be converted, healed and delivered from all kinds of things. The name of Jesus will be the most known name in the school, which will lead to controversy over the issue of religious freedom in public schools.

Christians will not have to fight for their rights to public prayer or worship as in the past, because it will be happening spontaneously as orchestrated by the Holy Spirit.

Many secular schools will be virtually transformed into ‘Christian’ schools because of the work of the Holy Spirit. All the prayer that has been offered to God by faithful Christian parents and children will come to fruition in a quick and powerful way as the Holy Spirit sweeps through the public schools.

Children will be used to silence the enemy, meaning that their praise will foil many of the devil’s plans and purposes against the Church. Such will be the strength and power coming from the praises of the children.

The move of God among the children will be so powerful across the face of the earth that it will be astounding to both parents and teachers alike. Children will be like a specialized army of worshippers that God has raised up for a strategic time. They will be equipped to tear down the strongholds of the enemy with the simplicity of their prayers and praise.”

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Prophetic promise given through Kim Clement by the Spirit in 2007 in Albany, Oregon, USA. Let this prophecy infuse you with hope for the future.

"It is now time for retribution. It is time for Me to repay for the many who have been taken out legally by abortion. I'm going to repay. I will raise up a double portion and a double sound in your children, for the gifts that previous generations had are nothing compared to what I'm about to do through your children.

"I will not only baptize them with the Spirit at an early age but I will do it in the schools, I will do it in preschools. They will have no choice because my Spirit has been waiting for a moment to repay for that which they have done to the children of this generation. God says the powers of Hell will not be able to stand the sound of a child. No one will stop the sound of God in the child that I am raising up in this hour.

"They will not stop the sound of child-like faith. They will not stop the sound of child-like praise. They will not stop the sound of child-like wisdom. This is something that will continue throughout this country until the voice of God is heard in the preschools, schools, universities, and colleges. My voice shall be heard," says the Lord.




"I have seen visions of schools in lock-down, not because of guns, but because of the glory of God. Children wasted in God's presence, teachers crawling down the halls on their knees, as the overwhelming presence of God has the children laughing, prophesying, and some having visions. Others will even weep while releasing the pain of their lives as a cleansing takes place by the sovereignty of God."





Todd Bentley lives in Charlotte, NC, USA  and is a healing evangelist, revivalist and founder of Fresh Fire USA.

This  exciting word about children is part of a prophecy released by Todd in February 2018.

"Great Miracle Workers Are Coming"

“I have seen a great move of healings and miracles by the hands of children. I had a vision of an 8-year-old boy with a Bible in his hand, preaching with fire and boldness to thousands. Through the Word of the Lord, he preached and the sick were recovering in their seats. I see children being used by the spoken Word and faith to grow limbs, and I see them working creative miracles.

Jesus said in Matt. 19:14, "Let the little children come to Me, do not forbid them, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven." We know that the Kingdom isn't in Word only, but in power, and Jesus driving out spirits by the Spirit of God said that the Kingdom is upon you. Children are going to move in the power of the Kingdom driving out spirits, healing the sick, because the Kingdom is theirs.”