Impacting Education for Jesus

Newsletter: August 2006

aug06-01As most of you would be aware I spent the month of April of this year, in Africa praying for children and teaching them about the blood of Jesus Christ. While I was in Africa I laid hands on at least 1,000 children. The Africans were very open to teaching and prayer on the blood of Jesus Christ. When I returned from Africa the Lord told me that He wanted me to pray for children in Australia in the same manner that I had prayed for the children of Africa. I committed myself to the Lord’s request and asked Him to show me how it would be done. About seven weeks after I returned from Africa I was conducting a prayer meeting on the northern beaches. In attendance was one of the advisors to Miracle Education. He was unaware of the instruction the Lord had given me regarding praying for the children in Australia, so I was very surprised when after I had shared on the trip to Africa he said that the children in Australia needed the prayer covering of the blood of Jesus Christ!

Since he seemed to have been given a picture by the Lord I asked him to tell me how to begin. I was amazed as he looked across to the 2 year old boy who had come with his mum for the first time to the prayer meeting, and simply asked the young mum if she would allow her son to be prayed over as a “seed” for the rest of the children in Australia. The mum was in full agreement and so I covered the little boy in the banner and prayed over him with the expectation that the children of the nation would follow.

Then two weeks later I travelled to Tasmania and saw a harvest on the “seed prayer”. I was stunned. Never had I seen such openness in Australia. I had to remind myself that I was indeed in OZ and not in Africa. The photos testify to Australian children being covered in prayer by the blood of Jesus Christ. Not only that but when I finished praying for the children their parents then said “Can you pray for us?”

I know there is a change in our nation. I have witnessed the spiritual change in Australia. There has been intense and specific prayer from many different parts of the body of Christ, and I can testify to seeing the harvest on those prayers. Praise God!

aug06-02Another answer to prayer that I witnessed was in regard to connecting with Christian teachers. For about 12 months I have been praying once a month with 2 Christian teachers. For one her mission field is a government school and for the other her mission field is a Christian school. I pray with them not only to encourage and support them but as a “seed prayer” into the Christian teachers of Australia. When I was in Tasmania a Christian teacher was introduced to Miracle Education. Her response was “I need a miracle in my school, I’m in education so Miracle Education must be for me!” She came to one of the prayer gatherings that I was conducting and then asked me to pray with her at her school. Praise God!

While I was in Tasmania I attended a meeting for the Children’s Ministry Network and through that gathering the Lord gave me a wonderful connection with the network of Christian teachers in Tasmania. The Lord is amazing in the way He is able to bring about divine appointments.

I had the privilege in Tasmania of teaching from the book of Acts about the power of prayer and praise. Both these elements are effective tools for bringing about miracles in education.

In Acts 12v5 (AMP) we read, “So Peter was kept in prison, but fervent prayer for him was persistently made to God by the church (assembly).

Notice the phrase “fervent prayer.” That’s the first measuring stick for successful prayer.

Then we read in Acts 12v10

“When they had passed through the first guard and the second, they came to the iron gate which leads into the city. Of its own accord [the gate] swung open, and they went out and passed on through one street; and at once the angel left him”

The bible says that the gate opened of its own accord. This passage in Acts speaks about gates and guards and we know that satan puts gates and guards in our path to block and restrict us. When a gate is opened it makes access easy as there has already been a way provided. We don’t have to set dynamite to blast a hole in a wall, we just need to open the gate and walk through. Just because a gate is locked, doesn’t mean we don’t have access. In NSW and Tasmania the school children are by law entitled to one hour of scripture a week. But in some schools there are “locked gates” being erected in the form of permission slips needing to be signed to give permission for attendance (rather than signing to “opt out”), resistance by principals due to busy timetables and resistance by cantankerous parent bodies. These locked gates can open of their own accord when persistent and fervent prayer is offered to God. I encourage you to lay hold of the passage in Acts and apply it to your school situation.

As I prayed for a particular intercessor in Tasmania I was given a revelation by the Lord on why intercessors may be weary and exhausted. The Lord told me that the only thing intercessors are meant to carry is the WEIGHT of HIS GLORY. Intercessors are not meant to carry the weight of time. God is outside of time and He will not be limited or bound by time. As we pray we are not meant to look for an answer to occur at a specific time! When we expect an answer to come at an appointed time and it doesn’t happen then we get disappointed. Disappointment leads to discouragement, discouragement leads to hopelessness and so we give up. We are to connect in prayer with the God of ETERNITY. We are to connect in prayer with the realm of HEAVEN and seek the FACE of GOD so that we are CONSUMED by HIS GLORY. In HIS GLORY, which is HIS MANIFESTED PRESENCE, there is peace, healing salvation, provision and ALL the attributes of GOD because HIS GLORY is WHO HE IS. We are to carry the WEIGHT of HIS GLORY as we gather together to pray for the needs of the school community and carry the WEIGHT of HIS GLORY as we walk through the school playground, into our child’s classroom and as we make lunches in the canteen.

As we carry the WEIGHT of HIS GLORY we are agreeing with Jesus’ declaration in Matthew 6v10 where He says:
Your kingdom come. Your will be done, On earth as it is in heaven.

Make this declaration boldly and insert the name of your school after the word earth! Let’s see the GLORY of God fall on the schools in this nation as we CARRY the WEIGHT of GOD’s GLORY.

The date for the National Day of Prayer is now the 23rd October. Dr Brendan Nelson the guest speaker will be in attendance from 11am -12 noon, so I am particularly encouraging CHRISTIAN MEN who may be able to get into the city on the 23rd October to be in attendance for just that hour from 11am -12 noon, to show their support to Dr Nelson, a CHRSTIAN politician. Please notify as many Christian men as possible about this event.


My prayer for all of you is that the Holy Spirit will give you revelation on Ephesians 1v22- 23 so that you will really know that you are filled with the Fullness of God Himself.

Ephesians 1v 22-23

And He has put all things under His feet and has appointed Him the universal and supreme Head of the church [a headship exercised throughout the church],Which is His body, the fullness of Him Who fills all in all [for in that body lives the full measure of Him Who makes everything complete, and Who fills everything everywhere with Himself].

Di McRae