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Newsletter: November 2006

nov07-01On the 23rd October at the Wesley complex in the city, Miracle Education held a day of prayer for education. We were privileged to have the Honourable Dr. Brendan Nelson, Federal Minister for Defence as the guest speaker. The word of God tells us to pray for all those who are in authority and so we prayed with enthusiasm for Dr Nelson.

nov07-02We were also delighted to have in attendance the Reverend Keith Garner, Superintendent of Wesley Mission. It was very encouraging to see these two men standing side by side in prayer. Dr Nelson told us that the majority of politicians appreciate the support they receive from Christians so he encouraged us to keep sending faxes and letters.


nov07-03Not only did we pray for specific school issues but also for the Federal Minister for Education, the shadow minister and the various state and territory ministers. We named them individually before the Lord. A media release for the 23rd October and a list of the various ministers is attached to this newsletter. The photos of the ministers for education will be a useful tool for your prayer group. I am particularly grateful to Dr Nelson for giving us some of his valuable time. I am aware of his hectic schedule and realise that Miracle Education is not the only organisation seeking his presence.

nov07-04And speaking of seeking HIS PRESENCE we were led very capably in worship by two beautiful young women, Lucy and Jacq. The worship that we entered into reflected the love that these girls have for Jesus. A BIG THANK YOU to Lucy and Jacq from Miracle Education. And a BIG THANK YOU from me to all those who travelled into the city to support the prayer meeting. Sacrifices were made by everyone in order to sow into the kingdom of God and I know the Lord will bless Lucy, Jacq and all of those who attended, exceedingly abundantly beyond their ability to dare ask or dream.

Dr Nelson wasn’t the only speaker on the day. Robyn from Parramatta challenged, inspired and encouraged us as she shared about her heart for the kids in her local area. Robyn is a typically busy mum who has a heart of compassion for other people’s children. She decided to be active for the Lord in her school by helping out in reading groups. Robyn added these children to her prayer list and she even had the opportunity to tell them that she prays for them. The Lord highlighted one child in particular to Robyn and that stirring continued when he moved onto high school. Even though it was not the high school that Robyn’s own son was attending she felt the Lord tell her to join that prayer group as well as the ones for her own children. So now Robyn is supporting three school prayer groups. This is challenging for us all! I call this the Power of One. Robyn uses everyday occurrences as opportunities to witness for the Lord and even sees the kid’s sports team as her mission field.

I also know of a mum with six children who does not consider her large family an excuse for not being involved in school life. Her impact has been so great that the school principal seeks her wisdom and advice. Another Christian mum has been active in a state school with the Values in Education programme. Not only has the non-Christian headmaster appreciated her input in his school but he has asked her to address the school principals in the whole district. Both these Christian mums are being sought after for their Godly wisdom!

In Matthew 9v37&38 Jesus says “The harvest is great, but the
workers are few. So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the
harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields.”

I have heard it said that WE are the answer to that prayer!

Another passage that prompts us to share our faith with the local community is found in Mark 12v29-31.“Jesus replied, “The most important commandment is this: ‘Listen, O Israel! The LORD our God is the one and only LORD. 30 And you must love the LORD your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength.’31 The second is equally important: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ No other commandment is greater than these.” My prayer is that we will all have boldness and determination to step into every God given opportunity confident that our God will supply all that we need.

It is exciting to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and it is also a discipline. Just because I see spiritual needs does not mean I can step into them. I need to wait for the Lord as only He knows when people are ready to receive from him. So when the Lord indicated to me at the beginning of the year that He was opening up rural New South Wales (NSW) to Miracle Education I was very excited and ready to go immediately. But it took months of prayer and determination and perseverance. Even though the Lord had said Coonamble was to be the first town to be visited finding the right contact took a lot of work as I initially knew no one in Coonamble. Finally through many leads and phone calls I phoned a complete stranger in Coonamble named Vicki. I said “You don’t know me but the Lord has told me to come to Coonamble and pray. Do you know anyone who could help me with this project?” Vicki’s immediate response was “YES!ME!”.

nov07-06nov07-05So on Saturday 28th October a team of 6 flew to Coonamble. In the photo from left to right you can see Sharon, me, Cedric, John, Frank Robyn. The flight from Bankstown to Coonamble was 2 hours and I was grinning all the way with the excitement of seeing the fullness of what the Lord had spoken to me come to pass. When we landed I rushed to Vicki to give her a hug. It was great to “see” my new friend for the first time and to actually exchange smiles. For months we had been emailing and talking on the phone so it was very satisfying to see each other face to face. The team of 6 became 8 with the addition of Vicki and another local called John. We divided into two teams and prayed our way around Coonamble as the Lord led. Not only are we supporting Vicki in praying for the schools but also in praying for unity in the local churches. Our vision is to see the churches fund a Christian youth worker for the high school in Coonamble. I give Jesus all the praise and all the glory for what He will do through us in rural NSW.

nov07-07As you can see from the aerial photo of Coonamble the country is very brown, dry and in desperate need of rain. Please continue to ask the Lord to reveal the spiritual reasons for the drought.

Vicki and I are together in Christ to achieve all that the Lord desires for the town of Coonamble. And that is my prayer for the body of Christ, that we would work in unity. The Lord designed His body to function together, cooperating with each part. When we work together everything is much easier and achievable as we are cooperating with the Holy Spirit.

Di McRae

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