Impacting Education for Jesus

Visit To India - September 2006

Our trip to India in September was once again an adventure in following the leading of the Holy Spirit. We had a few contacts in India before we left Sydney but knew that the Lord would organise divine appointments for us when we arrived and He certainly did!

So at the beginning of September Robyn Butt and I headed off to India. We visited New Delhi, Mumbai and Nagaland. (On the map Nagaland is in the area above Bangladesh, where you see the name Imphal) Nagaland is one of the sixteen states of India. In Nagaland I had the honour of teaching Youth with a Mission (YWAM) students on the subject of the blood of Jesus. The praise and worship that flowed after my talk was the richest I have known. All of the students were profoundly ministered to by the Holy Spirit as revelation unfolded on the blood of Jesus Christ. One student said that he had been asking the Lord to provide him with a book that would give him greater understanding on the subject of the blood of Jesus. After listening to me speak, the student said that the Lord had answered his prayer even more mightily by sending an actual person (me!!) to tell him about the blood of Jesus. I was given an open invitation by the pastor that leads the YWAM team in Nagaland to return and instruct students on the blood of Jesus Christ as part of their bible programme.

india06-01Whilst in Nagaland I prayed for children of all different backgrounds. I taught them about the blood of Jesus, covered them with the banner and gave them a mini-banner of the blood of Jesus Christ.

india06-02The leading of the Holy Spirit is demonstrated by the following story. It so happened that a new church in Asam was to be officially opened while we were in Nagaland. One of our contacts invited us to attend and as we sat in the congregation we started chatting to the locals. The Lord divinely connected us with the principal of a Christian school, who had never heard of Miracle Education and my mission! I shared with her my passion for praying for teachers, students and of imparting knowledge on the blood of Jesus Christ. She was very keen to have me pray for the students and the teachers. In fact she reorganised the timetable and said I could take as much time as I needed. She was particularly pleased with my desire to pray for the Christian staff and with only a day’s notice the principal organised for the teachers to be free for me to minister to them. Such hunger for the Lord was thrilling to see and such favour only comes from the Lord. Jesus Christ gets ALL the glory!

At the opening of the new church in Asam we had the privilege of seeing Hindus and Moslems receive Jesus as their Saviour. Whilst in India we spoke with two men who had converted from Islam to Christianity. One man had been persecuted by his family. In fact they were intent on killing him but he was alerted to their plan and left the country before they could harm him. It was a very humbling experience to meet people who faced death because of their love for the Master. It is also very powerful to speak firsthand to Moslems who have encountered Jesus Christ. Our God is a miracle working God Who sets people free. Be encouraged! Keep praying!

In Nagaland I did a lot of actual teaching on the subject of the blood of Jesus to adults. When we returned from Nagaland we received this encouraging report (below) which tells of the immediate fruit from our God ordained trip.
“We were really ministered to during your visit here. After you left, I shared at our Wednesday bible study on the blood and everyone was so very blest . I shared at a school retreat of about 23O teenagers as well ( I took three sessions). Of course, the enemy did try to cause some problems in the days leading up to those programs!! You know- I have been so encouraged everytime I use the " blood banner" when I pray!! Thank you so much for giving me that. Sometimes one tends to feel a little bit vulnerable and 'weak' but what a comfort just to know His Blood is there to cover us and give us victory-!!! Well, the book on the blood is doing the rounds now among my friends!! I trust that the Lord is going to teach me more about this”

What an awesome result. To God be all the Glory!!

Another example of following the leading of the Holy Spirit is seen in the way we stumbled upon the Catholic organisation called Don Bosco, in Delhi. We were actually trying to find another orphanage that didn’t seem to exist and in the process we walked into Don Bosco which was obviously a God ordained appointment. Don Bosco is world wide ministry that looks after children and youth This particular establishment in Delhi cares for street kids. Children as young as four years of age are found living in the city.

Neither Robyn or I had heard of Don Bosco before but our lives were about to be powerfully impacted by the Father heart of God that flowed out of the people who ministered in this home. We walked into the office of the Catholic Father who supervises the work in Delhi and introduced ourselves. I then pulled out the banner of the blood of Jesus and told the Catholic Father that the Lord had sent us to India to pray for children. (Remember we are total strangers!) He smiled and said GREAT…we welcome you and your ministry! It was AMAZING. So we chatted and became united in our love for Jesus.

We agreed to return the next day to give the Father time to assemble the children so they could all receive prayer. So that’s what we did. We returned the next day to see approximately 140 children, from Hindu and Moslem backgrounds seated on the floor in the basement area patiently awaiting our arrival. The Father told them that as I placed the banner of the blood overt them they would receive inner healing. The children aged from 4-19 years, boys and girls, sat ever so quietly and patiently as I prayed my way around the room. What a privilege. What an honour. What a loving God we serve!

india06-03When the Lord brings people together there is a richness of fellowship that only the Holy Spirit can bring about. This was true of all the divine appointments we had in India. The love of God flows out of believers drawn together by the Holy Spirit. It is an overwhelming experience that transcends race, language and culture. Truly as I travel the world I have seen and experienced the love of God flowing through His body. The photo of me with the Catholic Sisters is very special. The photo was taken on the day we met. Our hearts were knit together by our love for the Lord. They knelt before me on the ground as I covered them with the banner of the blood. I was overwhelmed by their humility. The love of God that flowed between us was rich. We had been strangers the day before but in that God ordained setting our hearts were united. It was a very precious time. To GOD be ALL the GLORY!

Before we left Australia we had been given the name of a Christian Pastor in Mumbai who works with children who live in the slums. He has been ministering to them powerfully for 6 years and now has a group of about 20 who regularly, of their own volition, attend weekly prayer and worship meetings. It was precious to see the commitment and love that these underprivileged children have for their Lord and Saviour. I had the privilege of praying for them and teaching them about the blood of Jesus Christ. Once again we handed out the mini banners of the blood. So a huge thank you to my dear friend Katrina for making the banners for the children of the world. As you sow into the kingdom of God I know the Lord will bless you!

After I had ministered to the children the adult leaders came forward to receive prayer under the banner of the blood of Jesus Christ. Hallelujah!

By the end of the two weeks in India I had prayed for at least 1000 children. I prayed for children of all different backgrounds. I taught them about the blood of Jesus, covered them with the banner and gave them a mini-banner of the blood of Jesus Christ. The home that we stayed at in Nagaland always welcomed the neighbours children. And so one of these little ones actually sought Robyn and I out. What a thrill to know that through our prayers she will live her life in safety covered by the blood of Jesus.

In Miracle Education we seek the guidance and leading of the Holy Spirit as to where we will hold meetings, wherever that may be on the planet! To my mind it seemed illogical to move outside of Australia when I hadn’t networked Sydney let alone New South Wales. But the Lord looks down from heaven and sees the whole planet. He knows where people are ready to respond to prayer and to revelation on the blood of Jesus Christ. In every place that we have visited this year whether it be in Australia or overseas the people have said “your visit is an answer to prayer.” I do not say that in pride but with all humility acknowledging that we followed the leading of the Holy Spirit. I encourage you to follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit. As you do, He will supply all that you need, whether it be boldness, confidence or finance. If the Lord has commissioned the project then He will pay! Thank you for your prayers while we were in India. We certainly appreciated them and needed them.

Di McRae