Impacting Education for Jesus

Mission Trip - May/June 2007

What a wonderful privilege I had during the months of May and June this year to minister in the USA, England and Sweden. It was a great blessing and I thank the LORD for this amazing opportunity. I met such exceptional people who I know were handpicked for me to connect with. I was able to visit places that I had only read about or seen on television. I was truly spoilt by my heavenly Father.

I also thank the LORD for providing Robyn Butt and Sharon Peters as my travelling prayer partners. Without their faithfulness in prayer and their obedience in walking with the HOLY SPIRIT, the success of this trip would not have been possible.

My heartfelt thanks also goes to the faithful intercessors who prayed for us while we were away. Their commitment to pray for us is an act of love and I know the LORD will bless them abundantly for their faithfulness and dedication.

JESUS deserves ALL the GLORY for protecting us while we travelled. We were never sick or in any danger, PRAISE GOD!! We were on an assignment from heaven and the LORD kept us in Psalm 91. Hallelujah!!