Impacting Education for Jesus


To encourage and motivate Christians to take responsibility for praying into all aspects of education such as pre-schools, primary schools, high schools, tertiary institutions, home schooling, special needs, distance education and juvenile detention centers.

The mission statement is really a call to prayer! All children and youth need spiritual mothers and fathers. Broken families, pornography, domestic violence are rife in all sectors of our society and sadly Christian families are not exempt.

God has given life to all children and HE desires that all will know HIM as their Heavenly Father and this can only happen as mature Christians take responsibility to pray for them.

As governments continue to push God out of schools and confusion exists over sexual identity and the attack on marriage and family intensifies and a portion of our youth seem to sadly find their way into juvenile detention centres or victims of self harm the need for spiritual mothers and fathers is urgent.

Will you answer the call to pray?

Miracle Education wants to help you in your journey of praying for children and youth. Check out the Resources section of this website for practical ways on how to start praying.

Contact us via email to receive prayer support.

Our prayers do make a difference!